History of MyARTideas

Current MyARTideas.com Companies: d3graphics.com, Printistry.com, PhotosWithBenefits.com

Adam Gongwer, Owner

MyARTideas.com began as a "printing broker" firm in 1994 under the moniker: Vyne Arts, a subdivision of Blue IMAGE. A combination of two brothers and their wives. We did some graphic design using Photoshop and Illustrator, but mostly we were brokers for thermographed (raised printing) Business Card and Letterheads / Envelopes. (See 1983 Newspaper photo here about Adam’s early tech interests at age 10.) 

During 1994, I had also learned bindery operations at Sun Graphics and "blue-line wax paste up" at the Mansfield News Journal.

Near the end of 1995, we introduced html/web design into our portfolio and increased our freelance design department, partnering with Marko Marketing & M8.com. (Watch a youtube video of me predicting “surfing the web” as the next big thing in a 1996 WMFD news show).

Vyne Arts: started on the 2nd floor of an old house in Lexington, OH converted into two apartments (upper and lower). We eventually moved to the first floor (foreshadowing what was to come at the next location on E Main St.?)

I first learned web design by coding strictly with text editors (working for M8.com above Kell Hardware), and eventually started using Frontpage and GoLive software (later called DreamWeaver).

From 1995 into 1996, I learned production techniques for screen printing at Schillings Graphics. I also joined the Board of Trustees for the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society (MRPS.org) as their volunteer Marketing person.

In 1997, I installed vehicle graphics and designed/created vinyl signs and banners at Premier Graphics.

In 1998, we moved our offices to a 2-story building at 16 E. Main St. in downtown Lexington, Ohio and introduced other digital items. (Original logo sign pictured on left).

We started out on the top floor and eventually moved to the first floor of the same building ironically just like our original home just years earlier.

Top Floor, one room store. 

First floor, three rooms (main room & front door pictured). 

We changed/registered our name to Digital Dream to represent our diverse product offering. 

During our downtime, we sold new and used CD’s, DVD’s, Laserdiscs, digital home audio equipment including new DISH satellite receivers, and electronics, typically Pioneer brand. 

Eventually, in 1999, we scaled back to the original freelance graphic and website design firm leaving behind the storefront, and thus was born our first website (and now defunct) WhyDigi.com (because digitaldream.com was already taken). This was a return to the home-based business model in effect to this day.

We added Design to the end of our name and “Why Digital Dream Design” was the marketing plan with a new domain name. (Front and Back of business card to right).

From 1998 into 2000, I worked for Mansfield Print Centers. Responsibilities included: Quark & Adobe for page layout, deisgn, and image editing, more bindery experience, plate making and creating prepress Cromalin Proofs as well as plates.

As the 2000’s began (surviving Y2K), we introduced computer consulting and training into our digital services portfolio. Since 2001, we also offer businesses & individuals an “equipment liquidation” service by helping them list their unwanted items of value on various internet auction and retail sites. (Front and Back of business card shown to left). 

In January 2004, we purchased a computer aided plotter/cutter for making vinyl signs and lettering. We also purchased a heat press for making custom impressions on T-Shirts. 

In June 2004, we added d3graphics.com and “Dream it • Design it • Display it” to our marketing plan (or does the ‘d3’ stand for Digital Dream Design?) 

In early 2006, we added full color, 2 sided glossy business cards and flat printing to our product line.

In 2006, we added digital printing to our available vinyl signage products.

In 2008, we added Ad Specialty items, including pens, frisbees and office items.

In 2010, we added full color digitally printed indoor and outdoor banners & vehicle magnets.

In 2011, we added Joomla & WordPress Websites (Content Management System ‘CMS’) availability to our clients.

In 2012, we began learning & installing Linux (ubuntu) in a limited fashion (I turned an old laptop into a large chromebook using Ubuntu).

In 2014, we added printistry.com to our marketing strategy: where artistry meets print. 

Fall of 2015, PhotosWithBenefits.com launched, a photography & photo editing side to D3graphics:

Manfrotto: 190XPROB Tripod and 498RC2 Ball Head.

Nikon D5200 and lenses include: Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM (Wide-Angle, Real Estate Photography), Nikon Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 (every day walk-about lens), and a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro (portrait, macro, sports).

Spring of 2016, added MyARTideas.com to the company marketing strategy to encompass all 3 divisions of Digital Dream Design.

Spring of 2017, started writing/published my comedy-theme memoir “How Do I Live With Myself?” Well LaughingHelps.Us.

Buy it on Amazon. 

Fall of 2017, we dropped the “Digital Dream” and just use “My ART ideas” as the business name. We no longer sell electronics or digital discs (relying solely on design, photography and printing).

Winter of 2018, we purchased a larger 24″ vinyl cutter to bring/keep the vinyl sign production in-house.

Summer of 2019, we dabbled with ReGOLFgear.com
(resell, rebuy, rematch golf gear) (no longer a registered domain). 

April 2020, my second book published, A Realtor, Banker, Inspector walk into a . . . (ownlandia.com)       

Buy it on Amazon. 

Jan 2022, earned certification as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Dec 2023, my third book self-published,
7 Days to Get your Marketing reCharged! 


Buy it on Amazon. 

Watch the Business Card Strategy
from "Day 1"

July 2024, started 7DialogueMoments.com, a professional speaking option based on communicating your position better.

Includes the following workshops:

7DaysMarketing.com (Branding, based on the 2023 book above)

7DeEscalationModes.com (Crisis Management Skills)

7DisarmingMinutes.com (Talk to Strangers, book coming late 2024)

7DreadlessMics.com (Fearless Speaking on Stage)

 Who knows what this “hobby gone crazy” will lead to next,
but we are sure it will involve digital technology in one way or another! 

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LaughingHelps.US (Self-Published, half comical memoir)

OwnLandia.com (Self-Published, process of buying a house)

7 Days to Get your Marketing reCharged! (Self-Published, rebranding yourself as a new or experienced sales agent)

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